Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet – III (2022)

A week after this year’s edition of Dunk!Festival, I can safely say that while I witnessed tons of fantastic live gigs there run by artists I know and love, the one that turned out to be my biggest discovery certainly is the Swedish band of Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet. The festival was the first occasion to listen to their new material, coincidentally released just before the event.
The album, simply titled III, is a perfect example of the approach to post-rock I value the most: the accents are put towards making atmospheric and dark-sounding music with a lot of grandeur and heaviness. This kind of instrumental music successfully adopted by God Is an Astroanut in recent years, and also played by bands such as TESA, Barrens or Year of No Light, is unbelievably impressive, especially live when the audience can experience the dark passion flowing from the artists together with the torrents of sweat. The heights of this music are made of ecstatic passages that bring on all the monumental feelings with the unlimited flow of the blissful guitar noise.
As the band call their own modus operandi, it’s all about “mixing darker and heavier themes with fragility” and so there’s a certain amount of minutes on III devoted to the quieter, subtly guitar build ups that always end up with heavy crescendos eventually. If this is not the peak of post-rock genre, I don’t know what will be.