David Fuchs

David is one of the original members of Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet and the rhythm guitarist for the most part. He teamed up with Martin (whom he played with in two previous bands) and Jonas after their break up with Classified Drama in their newly created post-rock project. David wanted to try something new and started playing bass on the first rehearsals, but after presenting some song ideas written on guitar he was convinced to play and write music on guitar instead.

David Fuchs playing at Rockeklubben i Porsgrunn 2023. Photo by Birgit Fostervold @knipselyst

David grew up listening to a lot of grunge and heavy/thrash metal but found more alternative music in his early teens. From that on he has been drawn to weird/experimental/progressive music and realized that it is his “preferred genre”, regardless if it’s metal, jazz, pop or electronic. His introduction to post-rock in the mid 2000 was with bands like Sigur Ros and Mogwai. For post-metal it was Cult Of Luna, partly since the band was almost a neighbour to David in the northern parts of Sweden where he grew up.

As a musician David loves a good riff and is always looking for next one. His definition of a good song idea is when you can’t stop playing a riff – when you enter a trance like state and just disappear into the chords and melodies. When he sent the idea for Ovisshet to the band for the first time it was an 8 minute long loop of the intro with it’s hypnotizing chord and melody. After a short period playing flamenco in his late 20’s (a period in between bands) the world of alternative time signatures opened up which can be heard in multiple songs by Sagor Som Leder Mot Slutet.

David Fuchs’s gear